Chemin des Dames

This is a quick 0.4 mile climb out of King Ravine (between Mt. Madison and Mt. Adams).  This 800-foot elevation gain scramble has plenty of hand- and foot-holds, plus a little tunnel to crawl through near the top.

Photo by Pam Wilmot
Trip Report
June 10, 2012 - Trish, Alex, Sage

Trip report by D. Flynn -- Despite what's listed in the AMC guide, Chemin des Dames makes a perfectly viable descent for anyone willing to lean back and crabitate.  Because large portions of the trail are visible from the floor of King Ravine, this has the added benefit of providing entertainment to other hikers watching from below.  Chemin des Dames completes an excellent lollipop loop with either the King Ravine headwall trail or Great Gully.  You will want your hands free for this one.

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