Castle Ravine Trail

Bob Kittredge describes 2.8-mile Castle Ravine Trail (2800 feet of elevation gain) as "steep and strenuous...lots of pesky stream crossings."  Others have made mention of the many potentially dangerous water crossings, and the White Mountain Guide cautions that the brooks are difficult to cross in moderate-to-high water, and that the ravine walls are fast flooding is possible during heavy rain.  In other words, steer clear of this trail if there's been lots of recent precipitation or if there's rain in the forecast.

This interesting way up Mt. Jefferson can be combined with Castle Trail for a challenging loop hike.  Castle Trail has the castles to climb over, and Castle Ravine Trail has loose talus, so pick your descent option carefully -- and make sure you have plenty of daylight...I wouldn't want to navigate all those water crossings on Castle Ravine Trail in headlamps.

Photo by Inna Radzihovsky

Photo by Inna Radzihovsky

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