Baldface Circle Trail

Trailhead location: Baldface Circle Trail, along Route 113 in Evans Notch, next to the Maine border.

Photo by Jack Daley

This hike is one of the best in the Whites, and it's relatively free of hikers since you don't summit any 4Ks.  Gorgeous, unobstructed views, with lots of ledge scrambles on the way up.

 Caution: Extremely dangerous  when wet or icy.  Also, you are  completely exposed for a very long  time...beware of storms and  fog/white-outs.

Photo by Danielle Normand

Note: The Baldfaces are on the 52 With a View list.

Photo by Jack Daley

Description by D. Flynn -- Baldface Circle -- This reminded me of the Holt Trail up Mt. Cardigan (which I'm sure would be on this list were it further east).  There are places where you must find imperfections in the rock for your boots, fingers and knees.  Balance is a game of inches.  I met a pair of confident butt-sliders who were happily making their way down this section.  If what you like about the T25 is that feeling that you're going to fall off the mountain and die, lace up your boots because you'll get that feeling here, plus plenty of options for a loop hike.  Turn north and you'll get some normal-tough hiking over two good peaks.  My old-school hiking stick was a net asset for the rest of Baldface Circle, but it was no help at all on the section above the shelter.

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