Algonquin Trail

This is the interesting way up Sandwich Mountain.  First, you have to get to the trailhead, which means driving along Sandwich Notch Road (which stretches between Route 49 near Waterville Valley and Center Sandwich).  Sandwich Notch Road deserves to be on its own Terrifying list...this narrow, crumbly road will wreak havoc on your car the second you venture above 5mph.  If your car doesn't have high clearance, then it might not survive the drive.

Algonquin Trail (4.5 miles with 2700 feet of elevation gain) is described by the White Mountain Guide as rough and steep, with sometimes-slippery ledges and at least one difficult rock scramble.  Combine this trail with Black Mountain Pond Trail -- which many hikers have told me should also be on the T25 list - for a truly fun/thrilling loop hike.

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