Sunday, March 29, 2020

EDIT - SEPTEMBER 5, 2022 - Please use for application submissions. 


EDIT - As of June 13, T25 trails will once again count for recognition.

PLEASE BE SAFE. Search and Rescue cannot socially distance during a carry-out. 


EDIT - May 31, 2020 -- The NH stay-at-home ordinance has been extended to June 15th, so trails will continue to not be counted until then to prevent endangering SAR and causing further infection. As of right now, we plan to count trails again starting June 15th.


Due to the NH stay-at-home ordinance, we have decided that, effective immediately, no Terrifying 25 hike will be counted for this list until the ordinance is lifted. Also, many wilderness organizations are asking people to refrain from hiking the more difficult trails during this crisis. Therefore, it is best to stay home and stick to local roads/trails to get exercise and fresh air in order to be responsible and prevent further spreading of the coronavirus. Stay safe!

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